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Jessica Hendry


Qualified conference interpreter

Quality that speaks for itself. And for you.  



  • Simultaneous interpreting: The spoken word is translated real-time into the target language, usually in soundproof booths. For smaller groups, the use of a tour guide system is possible. Since simultaneous interpreting requires full concentration, interpreters normally work in pairs so that they can switch approximately every 30 minutes.


  • Consecutive interpreting: The interpreter uses a specialised technique to take notes while the speaker is talking, then relays the information in the target language. Please note that the interpretation requires as much time as the original speech, which means consecutive interpreting requires more time than simultaneous interpreting.


  • Whispered interpreting: Simultaneous interpreting without technical equipment; given the acoustic limitations this is suitable for a maximum of two listeners for very short periods.


  • Liaison interpreting: Individual sentences or short sections are interpreted consecutively; suitable for business meetings and short negotiations.










Translation and text services

  • Specialised translation


  • Editing


  • Proofreading


  • Creative texts


I translate and interpret from English, French and Spanish into my mother tongue, German, and from German into French. In addition, I work with a network of qualified colleagues, so I can guarantee you the highest quality for other language combinations.

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